Let Go EP

by Flag White

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To let yourself go, sometimes, is the only answer to have been let go yourself. When I suddenly found myself without a band, temporarily homeless, somehow stuck in a Paul Auster-novel and crossing a red light in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my eyes closed - I realized exactly that. Unhealthy as it may have been, this act of surrendering also brought clarity and urge with it. And I started writing for mine and noone else's sake again.


released April 11, 2011

All songs written, recorded and produced in Copenhagen and Brooklyn, 2009 & 2010
by Bjørn Alexander Gøtzsche Lange
1, 4 & 5 mixed by Charlie Douglas Alexander at Vintage Violence Productions
2 & 3 mixed by Bjørn Alexander Gøtzsche Lange and co-mixed by Troels Abrahamsen
Mastered by Charlie Douglas Alexander at Vintage Violence Productions
All rights reserved 2011
Original cover photo by Kristian Jalonen – thank you!
Thank you, family and friends.
Special thanks to Charlie, Kenneth, Kasey, Brooke, Mads, Troels, Caroline and the guys at Smash!Bang!Pow!
www.flagwhite.tumblr.com // www.flagwhite.bandcamp.com
Inquiries: nikolaj@smashbangpow.dk



all rights reserved


Flag White Copenhagen, Denmark

After years of playing and recording guitar-driven noisy postpunk, I copped out and fell back in love with the synths I grew up with. I still like the noise and the dreamscapes, I hope you like my music.

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Track Name: Another Song
When will you come home? I am on my own and I have made you another song
Track Name: Far Far Away
Hear me out
Don't talk, don't speak
Tomorrow you'll be gone
Tomorrow I'll be far, far away
But I didn't do you wrong this time
I know I used to treat you like a child
- to treat you like a wild animal
But this time, I didn't do you wrong
Track Name: Your Heart Beats Mine, My Heartbeat's Yours
You blow just like the wind, destroy everything
I'll be leaving everything, believe in anything
I put my trust in you, now you're trusting him
Where I used to rule, you have crowned my twin

You should have known me
You should have known

You, you have broken in, stolen everything
Then you traded it in for a waste of skin
And ever since, I've been on all fours
'cause your heart beats mine
My heartbeat's yours

You should have known me
You should have known

I woke up today with a cloud in my hands, a doubt in my heart: maybe you still need t be a part of every day, maybe I still need to know how you are. Maybe you don't need to be so far?

You should have known me
Track Name: Alaska
She comes in colors
She wants to love us
She has no doubles
She can't be trusted
She washes over me

This is Alaska
This is Alaska and I know I can't
Live in Alaska
Kisses don't last here
And it snows
So I'm getting blocked

I still dream of Alaska
Snowblind I ask her just to
Let go
This is disaster.
I'm leaving as fast as I can go
But I'm getting blocked

This is Alaska, all that I ask her is to come home
Track Name: Of Laughter And Forgetting
You should have come to The City
You should have come here with me
I would have liked to shown you
...liked to have known you
...liked to have shared with you
These avenues
And I think you would have laughed
If you were here tonight

You should have come to The City
You should have come here with me
I would have liked to have had a chance
To kiss you at Glasslands
...hold you with glass hands
I bought a book for you:
”Of Laughter And Forgetting”
'cause that's what I aim to
What else can I do?

Shivering and blind
I'm leaving behind all my hopes and thoughts
And I close the doors, too
Your house is no longer my home, I know
Feverish and pale I'm leaving this place
And I won't be back
No I can't come back now
The night is dark, but it's darkest before dawn
I hope, I hope, I hope